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    I hereby apply as a (Check all applicable below), for the Holistic Wellness fair on November 27 to 29, 2020

    Select Today Date:

    Mailing Address

    City / Prov. / Postal Code

    Phone Number

    Cell Phone Number

    List all of your 20 minutes services/readings you offer (If applicable)

    List all of your 50 minutes services/readings you offer (If applicable)

    In the space below write a short bio description about yourself. This will be used for website.

    Upload picture for website (optional)

    Please, briefly describe each of your services. This will appear when clients are scheduling their appointments.

    Because of Covid-19 protocols, breaks (other than the 10 minutes between clients) must be scheduled for 30 minutes.

    Friday Availability (Do not include your break time here)

    Friday Break Time

    Saturday Availability (Do not include your break time here)

    Saturday Break Time

    Sunday Availability (Do not include your break time here)

    Sunday Break Time

    Information for this Event
    Terms and Conditions agreement

    1.) If you are unable to attend the Event for all of the scheduled hours, please attempt to schedule from the first appointment of the day for so many hours or schedule from a certain time in the day to the end of day with your last appointment in order to facilitate the attendance of another Practitioner/Reader for several hours during your absence. For example, if you can only come for 4 hours on Saturday schedule from 9 to 1 or 3 to 7 and not from for example 12 to 4 or 10 to 2.

    2.) Payments and Conditions
    Events Holistic price break down.

    20 minutes session
    $24.00 + $3.60 Tax HST (15%) = $27.60
    $24.00 ($18.00 to Reader/Therapist + $6.00 Events Holistic)

    50 minutes session
    $60.00 + $9.00 Tax HST (15%) = $69.00
    $60.00 ($45.00 to Reader/Therapist + $15.00 Events Holistic)

    3.) All fees are set at the same amount for all services and readings of the same time period. No additional fees may be charged by the practitioner or reader, however tips offered by the clients may be graciously accepted.

    4.) Setup and decoration of tables are the responsibility of the individual Practitioner/Reader. We ask that the tables be displayed in a festive and safe manner. (Discover Charlottetown request that we decorate in the theme of Christmas and the holidays.)

    5.) Vendors are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their space in between clients and at closing time each day.

    6.) Tables and chairs will be provided.

    7.) Spaces shall be assigned by Events Holistic.

    8.) An Event participant application fee of $10.00 shall be paid to secure your space and cover the cost of setting you up on the Event website.

    Please submit completed application along with your $10.00 (ten) application fee for the Holistic Wellness Fair on November 27 to 29, 2020.

    Your available payment options.
    1.) PayPal
    2.) Credit Card (Stripe)
    3.) E-transfer $10.00 from your bank to my bank via my email address (

    Your email Address.

    Click here to indicate that the information you have filled in above is correct and that you have read, and agree to abide by, all of the above Terms and Conditions agreement for the Event.